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Behind the Veils of Yemen
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An Insider's Compelling View of Life in a Muslim Country

When Audra Grace Shelby and her husband felt God calling them to minister in the Middle East, she was fearful--how would she raise her children in the heart of conservative Islam?

Armed with prayers and a faith that always seemed too small, the family made the move to Yemen, enduring deadly illness, uncertainty, and the unnerving experience of being Christians in an Islamic culture.

Yet God was at work, and Audra was invited to see what few Christian women have seen: behind the veils of Muslim women. Here she shares about the friendships she forged, about the opportunities to minister when her new friends' hopes shriveled and their own religion faltered--and how the grace of God touched lives in the midst of an enemy stronghold. With humor, passion, and honesty, she shows readers glimpses of life deep in the heart of Islam and the yearning heart of our loving God.

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Product #: 605779

Catalogue: Top 5 eBooks estore

Date Published: 01 Sep 2011

ISBN-10: 1441234381

ISBN-13: 9781441234384

Publisher: Chosen Books

Subjects: Books - Autobiography/Biography / Books - Missions

Category: Books - Biographies