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Product #: 572264

Status: Out of Print

Date Published: 04 Jan 2009

UPC: 724101204890

Publisher: Isa61.com

Subjects: DVD - Teaching

Category: DVD - Documentary

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Financial Rescue

Price: $5.00
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Product Description

Let's face it, as human beings, we are wired for 'relationship'. And whenever we make relationship connections, there are bound to be lessons we can learn from each other. The relationships series offers practical solutions and suggestions to equip everyone in all types of relationships about how to grow closer together and effectively communicate and connect with each other.

Financial Rescue
Scott and Bethany Palmer

Conflicts about money are often the key source of arguments between couples. That's because most of the time, spouses look at financial matters very differently. Scott and Bethany Palmer help married and engaged couples build (or rebuild) their relationship by working together on financial issues. With God's principles at work, there is hope for arriving at financial balance!

Scott and Bethany Palmer are partners in life, work and ministry. Together they successfully manage the Christian Retirement Coalition - in international benefits ministry that develops retirement plans and group benefits for ministries and ministry professionals.

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