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Word Bookstores Pty Ltd (Word) - Word’s Global Purchasing Policy


This Global Purchasing Policy outlines Word Bookstores Pty Ltd’s standards which apply to all of its suppliers. WORD’S Suppliers, which includes distributors, wholesalers, retailers, designers, licensees, importers, manufacturers or sub-contractors that in any way form part of the chain of supply to Word, are responsible for ensuring all their sub-contractors and suppliers (including labour, materials or goods and services) used in relation to products provided to Word comply with this Policy.
Methods of production used by Suppliers must not involve exploitation or endanger health and safety of any persons or the environment and Word regards exploitation of children as especially unacceptable and reserves the right not to trade with Suppliers who are at variance on this issue.

Legal Requirements to be observed

All Word’s Suppliers must obey the laws of the countries in which they function. This includes all laws related to employment, safety, business operations and the environment.



Suppliers shall not use child labour. Word believes that children deserve extra protection from exploitation. All children should be free to participate in an education up to the compulsory age limit defined by local laws. Work should not interfere with a child's education.

Freedom to Work

Word’s Suppliers shall not use compulsory or involuntary labour, slavery or debt bondage. Workers must be free to terminate their employment at any stage with reasonable notice.

Proper Payment for Work

A Supplier must set out in writing for its workers clear terms of employment, including wages, benefits and conditions for a regular working week and must pay workers at or above the local legal minimum wage for the work performed. Word’s Suppliers must not use contracts, trial periods or other arrangements in an effort to avoid legal obligations for pay and conditions.

Work Hours

Ordinary hours of work shall be consistent with local legislation. Work over the hours specified under local legislation as ordinary hours of work must be without coercion and should be duly paid in accordance with the agreed conditions of employment.


In addition to local relevant legislation, all standards outlined in this document, Word’s Global Purchasing Policy, are expected to be followed by Word’s Suppliers in whatever country they or their contacts described in the second paragraph above may operate. Word will only trade with Suppliers who comply with the standards outlined above.