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A vivid and powerful novel of the unseen spiritual forces at work behind terrorist attacks worldwide.

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Compelling speculative spiritual warfare fiction
Reviewed by Mary Hawkins on 27 February 2014  (Format reviewed: Ebook epub Download)
Tragic things happen early in this book when evil appears to win. To sort the many characters out, I did need to study that list of the Cast of Characters before chapter One first. The story then started to intrigue me until I simply couldn’t put the book down until that last page. This needs to be widely read by believers and unbeliever alike. Those who do not have a personal relationship at all with Christ need to take warning about evil in all its forms. Those who claim to be Christians must also take spiritual warfare very seriously. Although fiction, this story should drive us to never neglect maintaining intimate fellowship with God through his Holy Spirit through prayer, continually studying and searching the Word to be warned about the wiles of the enemy of God. As shown in this story, getting to know the God of the Bible is essential for us to be prepared for battle. There God has revealed Himself to us through His dealings with men and ultimately how much He loves us through His only Son, Jesus Christ. This intriguing story reminds us that the whole world is at war. There were some fairly graphic scenes but were necessary to remind us of the horror of war and this one is not just with mere flesh and blood. Be made aware even more deeply of the essential value of faith, worship, praise, obedience and above all prayer so we may see God win the battles for us.
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Date Published: 22 Mar 2013

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