Blessing Your Children

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The seeds we plant in the lives of children will grow into good, healthy fruit, or weeds that choke out their potential and promise. But parents, grandparents and mentors don’t always know how to speak life into a child or teen. Now, Pastor Jack Hayford shows adults how to bless the kids in their lives with words of encouragement, nurture, protection and challenge.

In Blessing Your Children, Pastor Jack shares Jesus’ tender heart for children and offers a biblical blueprint for passing on God’s blessing to future generations. This warm, insightful book, which includes an application and prayer at the end of each chapter, will be a treasured resource for parents and grandparents, children’s pastors and family counselors, and mentoring programs.

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Product #: 602327

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Date Published: 18 Jan 2012

ISBN-10: 0830760946

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Publisher: Regal Books

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