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This retelling of favorite Old and New Testament stories retains the original feel and poetry of the Bible while appealing to contemporary young readers. Written in conjunction with educators, scholars, and religious advisors this beautiful Illustrated childrens Bible features some of the best-known Bible stories including, the Birth of Jesus, Jacob's Ladder, Noah's Ark, and the Resurrection, written especially for children in a clear, easy-to-understand tone.

Also includes a "Who's Who in the Bible Stories" section and quotations from the King James Bible, listed by chapter and verse. Colour photographs of the plants, animals, people and places of the Bible lands set the stories in context.

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Product Details

Product #: 620688

Catalogue: 2020 Warehouse Clearance Sale

Date Published: 01 Mar 2004

ISBN-13: 9780756609351

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Subjects: Bibles - Children

Category: Bibles - Childrens

Weight: 686 g

Size: 6.75in x 5.71in