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Christian Counseling Ethics: A Handbook for Psychologists, Therapists and Pastors (2nd Edn)
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Editor Randolph K. Sanders assembles a team of scholar-practitioners to forge a comprehensive ethical approach to Christian counseling. Christian psychotherapists, pastors and others in the counseling profession will find here a ready resource for a wide array of contemporary clinical scenarios.

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"For the clients who see us in counseling . . . theological purity will make little difference if we do not practice with ethical integrity." Randolph K. Sanders, from chapter one The work of psychotherapy and counseling is full of ethical challenges and dilemmas. Responding to these situations with wisdom is critical, not only for the professional?s credibility, but also for good therapeutic relationships and positive treatment outcomes. Since its first publication, Christian Counseling Ethics has become a standard reference work for Christian psychologists, counselors and pastors and a key text at Christian universities and seminaries. This thoroughly revised edition retains core material on counseling ethics that has made it so valuable in a variety of settings. Now fully updated, it weighs and assesses new and emerging ethical issues in the field. For example, the current volume explores ethical issues involved in: multiple relationshipsconfidentialitydocumentationtherapist competence and characteraddressing spiritual and value issues in therapyteletherapyindividual and couples therapycounseling with minorspsychological first aid after disasterscounseling crossculturally In addition, the book considers dilemmas Christian therapists face in specific settings such as: church-based counseling centersgovernment and military institutionsmissions organizationscollege counseling centers Psychologist Randolph Sanders has assembled a distinguished team of clinicians and academicians to address the issues. They include W. Brad Johnson, Alan Tjeltveit, Everett Worthington, Sally Schwer Canning, Siang-Yang Tan, Tamara Anderson, Stanton Jones, Jennifer Ripley, Angela Sabates, Mark Yarhouse, Richard Butman and Cynthia Eriksson.

1. Embracing Our Ethical Mandate

2. Psychotherapy and Christian Ethics

3. Qualifications of the Christian Mental Health Professional

4. Essential Elements for Ethical Counsel

5. Sexual Misconduct and the Abuse of Power

6. Nonsexual Multiple Relationships

7. Ethics in Couples Therapy

8. The Child Client

9. Addressing Spiritual and Value Issues in Therapy

10. The Sexual Minority Client

11. Clients with Chronic Conditions

12. Ethical Concerns in Culturally Sensitive Practice

13. Business Ethics in Mental Health Services

14. Pastors Who Counsel

15. Lay Counselor Training

16. Mixed Agency Dilemmas for Professionals in the Military and Other Government Agencies

17. Ethics in University Counseling Centers

18. Ethics in Member Care: Toward an International Framework

19. Ethics in Providing Psychological First Aid

20. Training Programs

21. A Model for Ethical Decision-Making
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