Christian Romance Fiction Pack (3 Books Containing Two Stories Each)

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This great value pack contains 3 book each containing two stories:

Whispers of the Wind 691286
To Walk in Sunshine 691249
Desert Moon 687307

Whispers of the Wind
Enjoy two historical romances from author Frances Devine set in Georgia at the Cecilia Quincy School for the Deaf. Abigail James is unprepared for the challenges of her new teaching job or the resistance of the staff to new techniques. Will Dr. Trent Quincy, the school’s owner, accept her ideas or resist the pull of his heart? Also includes the bonus sequel, The Scent of Magnolia, about a teacher who is determined not to fall for the father of her favorite pupil. 320 pages

To Walk In Sunshine
Enjoy an historical romance from author Sally Laity as you journey into coal mining country of 1920s Pennsylvania. Ken Roberts, a coal miner, and Rosalind Gilbran, an Lebanese immigrant, develop a friendship that is forbidden by her Old World family. Also includes a bonus novel, The Train Stops Here by Gail Sattler, in which cultures clash between a hobo and the daughter of a man charged with sweeping the trains of freeloaders. 320 pages

Desert Moon
Enjoy an Old West romance adventure from author Susan Page Davis.
Julia Newman looked forward to moving home to Arizona, then she got word that her mother has died and Julie’s stagecoach is robbed. If that wasn’t enough, the first person she sees in town is Adam Scott—the man she always loved but could never have—and now he is accusing her brother of criminal activity.

Also includes a bonus historical romance, Honor Bound by Colleen L. Reece. Honor Brooks dreams of living on an Arizona cattle ranch, but at Casa del Sol, “house of the sun,” Honor’s dream becomes a nightmare. Bound by a sacred vow, she must make a terrible choice—break her sworn word or face a future unlike anything she ever envisioned. 320 pages

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Date Published: 25 Feb 2018

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