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DVD First Flight: A Mother Hummingbirds Story

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As 'honey' prepares for the arrival of her eggs, close-up photography takes you into the nest as the hatchlings emerge. For all ages!

A mother hummingbird's story is a must see for all ages!

"Fascinating, informative, and beautifully filmed. As an ornithologist I was delighted to observe the hatching sequence in such detail; truly magical footage. First Flight is a film all ornithologists, students, and backyard birders should experience."-John Klicka Ph.D. Curator of Birds, U.N.L.V.

A black-chinned Hummingbird built her nest on the clothesline in the backyard of documentary filmmakers Noriko and Don Carroll. "Honey," the name the Carrolls gave to the mother hummingbird, became the star of the Carroll's video First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird's Story. As Honey builds her nest preparing for the arrival of her eggs, stunning, close-up photography takes you into the nest as the hatchlings emerge from their shells. The chicks are named "Ray" and "Zen." Honey fights off predators, and also spends time doing what a mother does best, which is nurturing her helpless chicks to grow into beautiful young hummingbirds. First Flight is nature working its magnificent wonders right in the family backyard. It's a must see for all ages

Winner of the Special Jury Award at the 7th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival.

Winner of the Best Independent Film at the 33rd International Wildlife Film Festival.

Finalist for the Children's Choice Award at the Wildscreen Panda Awards.

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Date Published: 01 Jul 2016

UPC: 033937043925

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Publisher: Questar

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