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DVD Open Doors 3 DVDs

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Are you seizing your opportunities or are you hiding your talent? Whether they know it nor not, too many Believers have yet to experience the increase that God has in store for them. That's because increase only happens when you have learned to discern the opportunities that God has created. God has blessed you with unique talents, gifts and abilities, but it's only when you've learned what to do with those abilities that you will see an increase.

In Open Doors, you will learn how to identify and seize your God-given opportunity for increase. This is a truth that can literally change the direction of your life. Learn why Bishop Jakes has called this perhaps his most important message for Bible-believing Christians. It's time to stop surviving and start excelling!

Messages are:
Insight to Increase
This is the Place
God Stopped It

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Product #: 672015

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 Apr 2015

UPC: 9781578554942

Publisher Code: DVS248

Publisher: The Potters House of Dallas Inc

Subjects: DVD - Teaching

Category: DVD - Teaching