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Controversial and compelling, Secrets Of The Cross pushes aside centuries of tradition to expose fascinating secrets at the heart of the Christian story. It's a modern day investigation, using expert witnesses and the latest research, in a search for historical truth. It examines the controversial discovery of 'The Jesus Tomb'; asks 'Who Killed Jesus?' and reveals a conspiracy that has warped 2000 years of history; investigates 'The Mary Magdalene Conspiracy' to find the real woman at the heart of the Bible's greatest mystery; and uncovers 'The Trial of the Knights Templar' to bare the truth of the Church's legendary warriors.

Running Time: 188mins
Rated: M

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" Secrets Of The Jesus Tomb (1 of 4)
A recently discovered 1st century Jewish tomb in Jerusalem revealed bone boxes inscribed with a startling set of names 'Jesus son of Joseph', 'Mary', 'Judah -Son of Jesus'. The headline news around the world was that the family tomb of Jesus Christ had been discovered. Such a claim challenges the very foundations of the Christian faith with its insistence on Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven. Through careful analysis of the archaeological, historical and scientific evidence, this stupendous claim is put to the test with leading world experts.

" Trial Of The Knights Templars (2 of 4)
Mysterious warriors in 'The Da Vinci Code', the real Knights Templars have been shrouded in myth for 900 years. Christian Crusaders condemned by the lies and disloyalty of their one-time allies, the Templars are inseparable from the legendary Holy Grail. A shocking manuscript unearthed in the Vatican shows that the Templars were liquidated by an extremist with a Christ complex, amid a tale of corporate greed. Though viciously tortured by the King of France, could the Templars have unwittingly aided their own destruction?

" Who Killed Jesus? (3 of 4)
The Jews killed Jesus. The Bible is clear - Jewish High Priests demanded his execution and Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, gave in - reluctantly handing Jesus over to be crucified. But can we trust the gospel accounts? Does this portrait of a weak-willed Pilate stand up to historical scrutiny? Filmed in Italy and Israel, this investigation unearths compelling archaeological and historical evidence to reconstruct what really happened at the most famous trial in history. Pilate is revealed to be a brutal politician, with a track record of violence - but does he have Christ's blood on his hands?

" The Mary Magdalene Conspiracy (4 of 4)
Mary Magdalene's vision of a risen Jesus was the spark that ignited the flame of Christianity. Without her there may never have been a Christianity. Yet strangely, rather than celebrate her as a founder of the faith, the gospels say almost nothing about her. The early Christian church branded her a whore and western art and literature have constantly reinvented her down the centuries. She remains one of the most mysterious women in history. This programme goes in search of the real Mary Magdalene and asks whether all the conspiracy theories hide an even greater truth?

NARRATED BY: Colin Tierney
DIRECTOR: Sean Smith, Martin Kemp, David Bartlett, John Fothergill
SERIES PRODUCER: John Fothergill
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Ray Bruce, Nick Stuart

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Date Published: 01 Mar 2011

UPC: 9328511019283

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Publisher: Reader's Digest (Australia) Pty Limited

Subjects: DVD - Teaching

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