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DVD Tennessee Ernie Ford: Amazing Grace

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Tennessee Ernie Ford has remained one of the most popular and beloved entertainers America and the world has ever known.
Through an unparalleled career in radio, records and television, Ernie left the world with an indelible legacy - not just of his accomplishments, awards and honors, but a legacy of the lasting impact that one man’s expression of faith can have on millions of people.
Early in his career, Ernie’s huge success as a recording artist for Capitol Records had already placed him among the biggest stars in show business. When Ford Motor Company asked him to host its prime-time variety series on NBC, Ernie could have asked for – and been given – just about anything he wanted. But when he asked to end each show with a hymn or a song of faith, Madison Avenue and Hollywood balked. You didn’t end a prime-time variety show with a hymn...it was controversial, too risky. But Ernie stood firm, and within weeks after The Ford Show’s first night on the air, thousands of letters and phone calls began pouring in from every corner of the country from people of virtually every walk of life and every faith. By the end of the first season, this controversial and risky move had become the most popular segment of one of the highest-rated shows in the country.
These classic hymns from The Ford Show continue to bring an enduring sense of hope to the hearts of people throughout the world and remind us of the important place they held in the life and faith of Ernest Jennings Ford.

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