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DVD The New Atheism

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In the wake of the publication of Richard Dawkins’s book, The God Delusion a
new movement to promote atheism has emerged. It teaches that religion is
‘poison’, the future of society depends on its removal, science replaces it, and
atheism leads to a better life.
The proponents of the new atheism are evangelistic, clever and energetic,
attracting worldwide publicity and enormous funding. What do Christians need
to know about this growing movement?
This DVD records a special seminar featuring Professor John Lennox (University
of Oxford), John Dickson and Greg Clarke (Centre for Public Christianity in
Sydney) explaining the new atheism and how Christians can respond to it
graciously and effectively.
Three engaging talks on the following topics:
· What is the New Atheism? (Greg Clarke)
· Has Science buried God? (John Lennox)
· The New Atheists on Jesus (John Dickson)

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Product #: 573643

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 Apr 2009

UPC: 0793573574251

Publisher: Centre For Public Christianity

Subjects: DVD - Teaching

Category: DVD - Documentary