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Daily Splashes of Joy: 365 Gems to Sparkle Your Day

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Open this book each morning, and let the "Queen of Encouragement" splash your day with joy.

Acclaimed encourager Barbara Johnson has survived tragic adversity to become a merry missionary of mirth to those who need a little laughter in their lives?that is, to all of us! She knows firsthand how the smallest splash of  joy can soothe broken hearts with the light of God's love. And she's seen how a simple message of hope uplifts a life that's left in tatters.

In these pages you'll find a daily dollop of Barbara's favorite jokes, heartwarming stories, witty cartoons, and heartache-survival strategies. Share a moment each morning with the Geranium Lady, and soon you, like Barbara, will realize you've been "blessed to be a blessing."

Author Information

Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson has guided millions of hurting women through the tunnel of despair with her best-selling books including Plant a Geranium in Your Cranium, Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death, and Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy. Her books have sold more than 5 million units to date.

Renowned for her unerring sense of humor and bestselling books that take a look at the lighter side of the spiritual life, Barbara Johnson is also a woman of triumphant faith who, with God's help, has overcome family crises and great suffering.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Barbara Johnson attended Bob Jones Academy and Bob Jones College as a student. She spent early years working as a medical secretary and an investigator for the Board of Medical Examiners. Married to Bill Johnson, the family had four sons.

Heavily involved with Spatula Ministries, an organization tailored to help parents in crisis, Johnson continues to write with both humor and wisdom.

Barbara Johnson has been featured on the 'Women of Faith' tour for six years and resides in California.

Author Hometown: LaHabra, California
Author Website: www.thegeraniumlady.com
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Date Published: 18 Jun 2009

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