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Deep Night, Bright Morning
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Pages: 304
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Every tragedy has the potential to leave dreams and destiny in tatters. The death of someone we love, and indeed serious loss of any kind, crushes, paralyzes and immobilizes us. It empowers doubt, releases hopelessness, robs us of energy, and makes us sit down by the wayside in tears and give up.
Deep Night, Bright Morning reminds readers that nobody goes entirely untouched by hurt, grief, or pain. As it guides people toward the light and love of Christ, author Anita Cleverly includes Scripture and meditation to help readers find or recover a passion for pursuing God and His calling on their lives. A source of love, hope, and empowerment to serve Christ.

Foreword 9
Acknowledgements 13
Preface 17
1. Unless a Seed Fall to the Ground 23
2. Double Blessing 35
3. Every Sparrow Falling, Every Grain of Sand 49
4. The Hearts of the Fathers 73
5. Simeons and Samuels, Hannahs and Annas 91
6. Slowing Down and Sweetening Up 107
7. A Church for All Nations 121
8. All You Need Is Love 135
9. A Reformation of Manners 153
10. God’s Retirement Plan Is Out of This World 173
11. Freedom from Shame 189
12. Guilty Pleasures 207
13. When Death Strikes Early 223
14. Pain, the Gift Nobody Wants 241
15. The Voice of This Calling 263
Notes 289
For Further Reading 303
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Product #: 704283

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 Oct 2019

ISBN-10: 0830778543

ISBN-13: 9780830778546

Publisher: David C Cook

Subjects: Books - Spiritual Growth / Books - Discipleship

Category: Books - Christian Living