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Defending the Gospel

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Pages: 144
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Kel Richards writes: I was a very young radio announcer (probably all of about 19) at a country station. Standing in the record library of the local radio station in Armidale, in northern New South Wales, I heard the other young announcer beside me say, "Religion is just for people who need a crutch." It floored me for a moment. And then I thought of how to reply: "No it's not!" was my intellectually and theologically powerful response.
With humour and warmth, ABC broadcaster Kel Richards explains how, over the years, he has managed to improve on his answer. Kel uses the popular gospel outline Two Ways to Live to help anticipate a number of the questions that our non-church friends may have about what Christians believe. This book will be a great help to anyone looking for better answers.

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Product #: 554138

Catalogue: 2018 Australian Authors eStore

Date Published: 10 Nov 2006

ISBN-10: 1921068469

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Publisher: Matthias Media

Series: Guidebooks for Life

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