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Dinosaurs and Creation
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Answers to fifty questions about dinosaurs, including Where do dinosaurs fit into biblical history? Why were dinosaurs so large?

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Children, adults, and scientists alike are fascinated by dinosaurs. However, nearly all discussions of dinosaurs in museums and textbooks assume a distant evolutionary beginning to the earth. How can Christians reconcile apparent scientific consensus with the biblical creation story?

Donald DeYoung demonstrates that evolution is not the only explanation for the existence and death of dinosaurs. He uses a question-and-answer format, supplemented by tables and figures, to offer the creationist explanation. The fifty questions include:

- What was the diet of dinosaurs?
- What happened to dinosaurs in the creation view?
- Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?

Appropriate for more advanced students, this book is a useful reference for home school and Sunday school teachers, parents, and anyone interested in dinosaurs.

List of Figures and Tables
Part 1 Dinosaurs and History
Part 2 Dinosaurs and Modern Time
Part 3 The Dinosaur Family
Part 4 The Biology of Dinosaurs
Part 5 The Physics of Dinosaurs
Suggested Resources
Creationist Organizations
Dinosaur Name Summary
Scripture Index
Subject and Name Index
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Product #: 639273

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 Aug 2000

ISBN-10: 1441243143

ISBN-13: 9781441243140

Publisher: Baker Book House

Subjects: Books - Creation/Evolution

Category: Books - Apologetics