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Disappearing Church: From Cultural Relevance to Gospel Resilience

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When church and culture look the same...

For the many Christians eager to prove we can be both holy and cool, cultural pressures are too much. We either compartmentalize our faith or drift from it altogether—into a world that’s so alluring.

Have you wondered lately:

  • Why does the Western church look so much like the world?
  • Why are so many of my friends leaving the faith?
  • How can we get back to our roots?

Disappearing Church will help you sort through concerns like these, guiding you in a thoughtful, faithful, and hopeful response. Weaving together art, history, and theology, pastor and cultural observer Mark Sayers reminds us that real growth happens when the church embraces its countercultural witness, not when it blends in.

It’s like Jesus said long ago, “If the salt loses its saltiness, it is no longer good for anything…”

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A refreshing point of view on the modern Church
Reviewed by Bill Stolk on 28 January 2019  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
Mark Sayers is an avid observer of the modern culture and its roots. In this book, he examines recent trends in the Church, how they arose and what they were attempting to address. He looks at movements such as the Church Growth movement of the 80s and 90s, the Emerging Church of the 90s and 2000s, what they had to offer and why they ultimately failed. He looks at the current push for "relevance" and what this really means, and dares to ask the question - do we need to be relevant, or is God calling us to something else? He compares the attitude of the modern church with its postmodern focus on self to Gnosticism, an empty form of spirituality that refuses to submit to any form of authority. He then goes on propose where we should go from here, and comes to a conclusions similar to Rod Dreher in The Benedict Option, suggesting that it may be time for Christians to withdraw from the world, to re-establish our communities and ideals for a time until the world is ready to re-engage with us. Highly recommended reading.
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