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La maestra de la Biblia de renombre internacional, Joyce Meyer, ofrece un estudio y comentarios detallados sobre la Epístola a los Efesios, enfatizando la importancia de vivir en Cristo y poner su relación con Dios en primer lugar.

La carta de Pablo a los efesios es una de las más preciadas de la Biblia que enseña algunas de las lecciones más importantes de la fe: quién es usted en Cristo, cómo debe vivir siendo su seguidor y cómo obtener la victoria en las batallas espirituales que enfrenta. En este recurso de estudio, Joyce Meyer va a fondo en esos versos queridos, identificando verdades clave e incorporando el espacio para la reflexión personal.

La nueva serie de Joyce proporciona comentarios bíblicos clave que lo ayudarán a desarrollar una relación más fuerte con Dios. Si toma el tiempo para estudiar su Palabra, verá cuánto lo ama y quién es usted a su imagen. ¡El cambio vendrá y su vida dará el buen fruto que Dios anhela!

Internationally renowned Bible teacher Joyce Meyer provides a close study and commentary on Ephesians, emphasizing the importance of living in Christ and putting your relationship with God first.

Paul's letter to the Ephesians is a well-loved book of the Bible that teaches some of the most important lessons of faith: who you are in Christ, how you are to live as His follower, and how to gain victory in the spiritual battles you face. In this study tool, Joyce Meyer takes a deep dive into those beloved verses, identifying key truths and incorporating room for personal reflection.

Joyce's new series provides key Biblical commentary that will help you develop a stronger relationship with God. If you take the time to study His word, you'll see how much He loves you and who you are in His image. Change will come, and your life will bear the good fruit that God intends!

Author Information

Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer has been teaching the Word of God since 1976 and in full-time ministry since 1980. Previously an associate pastor at Life Christian Church in St. Louis, Missouri, she developed, coordinated, and taught a weekly meeting known as "Life In The Word." After five years, the Lord brought it to a conclusion, directing her to establish her own ministry and call it "Life In The Word, Inc."

Now, her Life In The Word television program is available to approximately two billion people worldwide. Additionally, her radio program is broadcast on over 390 stations. Joyce's teaching tapes are enjoyed internationally, and she travels extensively conducting Life In The Word conferences.

Joyce and her husband, Dave, the business administrator at Life In The Word, have been married for 36 years. They reside in St. Louis, Missouri, and are the parents of four children.

Believing the call on her life is to establish believers in God's Word, Joyce says, "Jesus died to set the captives free." Her desire is for Christians to experience the victory Jesus died for them to have. Many years ago, finding herself a Christian in need of victory, she discovered freedom to live victoriously through applying God's Word. Joyce is equipped to set captives free and to exchange ashes for beauty. She believes that every person who walks in victory leads many others into victory. Her life is transparent, and her teachings are practical and can be applied in everyday life.

Joyce has taught on hundreds of subjects in meetings all over the country, helping multiplied thousands. She has an extensive audio and video library and has authored 54 books to help the body of Christ on various topics. She holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a PhD in Theology from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida.
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