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Embracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us

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This fascinating book explains that the gospel is about the restoration of "cracked Eikons" (fallen humans) so that humans can be in union with God and in communion with the saints. In the candid and lucid style that has made McKnight's The Jesus Creed so appealing to thousands of pastors, lay leaders, and everyday people who are searching for a more authentic faith, he encourages all Christians to recognize the simple, yet potentially transforming truth of the gospel message: God seeks to restore us to wholeness not only to make us better individuals, but to form a community of Jesus, a society in which humans strive to be in union with God and in communion with others.

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Product #: 601436

Catalogue: 2019 W/H SALE Academic estore

Date Published: 11 Jan 2005

ISBN-10: 1557254532

ISBN-13: 9781557254535

Publisher: Paraclete Press

Subjects: Academic Theology - Soteriology / Academic Theology (General) / Academic Theology - Anthropology

Category: Academic - Theology