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Engendered: What Was God Thinking? Gender Roles & Relationships

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Pages: 288
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What was God thinking when He ENGENDERED or created male and female? What does that have to do with gender roles? And is that purpose still relevant today?

Patsy Cameneti boldly explores God's thoughts and creative intention for humankind. Stripping away cultural and traditional thinking, she examines raw truths from God's Word about gender, sexuality, marriage, and family that deliver practical insights into your everyday life. ENGENDERED doesn't shy away from topics of the day and brings God's perspective to subjects like these:

·       How to enjoy marriage as God designed it

·       What God thinks about sex

·       Sexuality and gender clarity

·       Parenting God's way

·       Reflecting God's image through gender roles

As you discover God's original purpose and design for these areas, you'll be enlightened and empowered to live the life God ENGENDERED for you from the beginning.

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Product #: 700676

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 23 Oct 2018

ISBN-10: 1680312162

ISBN-13: 9781680312164

Publisher: Harrison House

Subjects: Books - Spiritual Growth / Books - Christian Living (General)

Category: Books - Current Issues

Size: 215.9mm x 139.7mm