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Every Day with Jesus Daily Bible
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Many people begin a new year with a commitment to read the Bible through in 365 days. These intentions are good, but the reading plan they choose may not be the most effective one for reaching the goal.

Every Day with Jesus Daily Bible manages to overcome many difficulties of reading the Bible straight through in a year. From day one, the plan provides rich variety in the readings.
Each day includes a selection from:
• The Old Testament
• The New Testament
• Psalms
• Proverbs
There's also a devotion from beloved pastor Selwyn Hughes that is linked to one of the four readings for the day.

Those who follow this plan will read the entire Bible in a year. Reading the four different Scripture portions each day has the benefit of introducing many readers to passages they have never explored. And this is done in a context where encountering the four different Scripture selections together at the same time will yield new insights into God’s Word.

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Product #: 673370

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 Oct 2013

ISBN-10: 1433615401

ISBN-13: 9781433615405

Publisher: Broadman & Holman Publishers

Subjects: Bibles - Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Devotional

Category: Bibles - Devotional