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Faith and the Modern Family

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Today’s families are long on commitment and short on time. Inundated with enticing technology, an abundance of activities and too many events to count, there isn’t much family time left, is there? With our schedules overflowing and anxiety weighing us down how do we find family balance? How do we connect as a family? How do we raise healthy families in the midst of our modern world?
     In Faith and the Modern Family, Craig Jutila offers sound advice for today’s modern family and today’s modern parents! Craig will guide you through the steps of setting a healthy life pace for your family, which includes advice on setting priorities, modeling the behavior you want from your children, and planning for your family’s future. Also included are downloadable resources—such as Four Steps on Your Faith Journey and Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Social Media Account—that you can use again and again.
     With faith and some expert advice, you can stay connected to your modern family in a healthy way!

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Date Published: 07 Apr 2014

ISBN-10: 0830768661

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Publisher: Regal Books

Subjects: Books - Family Concerns

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