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From the author of the NEW YORK TIMES best-selling books The Seven Pillars of Health and I Can Do This Diet, along with best sellers Toxic Relief, the Bible Cure series, Living in Divine Health, Deadly Emotions, Stress Less, and What Would Jesus Eat? Dr. Don Colbert has sold more than TEN MILLION books.

Fasting can provide fantastic health benefits to your whole being. While it may seem like a "sacrifice," Dr. Don Colbert, author of the bestsellers Toxic Relief and the bible Cure series, believes fasting is "a powerful tool for health, cleansing, and spiritual empowerment." In this easy-to-understand instruction manual that offers a step-by-step fasting protocol for better health, Colbert explains the needs, benefits, and lifestyle of fasting from both physical and spiritual perspectives. Discover the how, when, why, and other practical matters regarding a healthy approach to fasting.

 Your overall health will improve as you:
  • Give restorative rest to your digestive tract.
  • Cleanse your body of undesirable toxins.
  • Boost your immune system to prevent disease and illness, thus giving you a longer life.
  • Make yourself look better and help your skin become clearer.
  • Melt away toxic fat to help you feel better.
  • Repair and rejuvenate every organ, including your brain.
  • Bring spiritual cleansing and renewal to your relationship with God.
Featuring daily recipes and testimonials from successful fasters, Fasting Made Easy explains how this biblical key to health will bring renewed vitality, healing, longevity, and deeper spirituality to your life.

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Product #: 530889

Status: Special order item

Date Published: 18 Jun 2004

ISBN-10: 1591854512

ISBN-13: 9781591854517

Publisher: Siloam

Subjects: Books - Health, Exercise & Diet

Category: Books - Christian Living

Weight: 181 g

Size: 16.5 x 11.4 cm