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Fatherhood: What It Is And What It's For

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There are enough books about how to be a good father to fill a bloke’s shed.

This book is different.

This book goes back to the drawing board—the Bible—and answers the question: what is a father anyway?

And the answer will give dads a whole new way to think about their role and what they are trying to do.

But it’s not a book of 'theory'. Drawing on his years of experience as a father of five, Tony Payne provides bucket loads of practical wisdom and advice.

Fatherhood will, without doubt, become the classic book on the subject and is essential reading for all fathers, prospective fathers, and anyone who thinks fatherhood is important.

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Product Details

Product #: 536387

Catalogue: 2018 Australian Authors eStore

Date Published: 01 Jan 2005

ISBN-10: 1876326999

Publisher Code: fath

Publisher: Matthias Media

Subjects: Books - Family Relationships / Books - Family Concerns / Books - Men / Books - Parenting

Category: Books - Australian Authors