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Find Your Peace: Supernatural Solutions Beyond Science for Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

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Your best prescription goes beyond science.

This book will help transform your way of thinking and give you tools to change your life and even your eternity. It will help you cope with stress and others and change the world around you.

Despite health care professionals’ constant efforts to educate, entice, advise, convince, indoctrinate, and persuade patients with smooth talk, bribes, guilt, and manipulation to make people understand and follow medical advice, the results are often minimal. People continue to suffer from various diseases and chronic conditions. Many still die prematurely from high levels of stress caused by fear, worry, anxiety, and depression. Even with so much knowledge, the gaps in the way people manage stressors in their daily lives needs to be addressed.
In Find Your Peace, Dr. Rodica Malos tackles this universal topic head-on. Brimming with medical research, basic brain chemistry, and scriptural wisdom, this powerful, encouraging book reveals how the divine design of the human body functions most perfectly when a person’s thought life aligns with God’s instructions (prescriptions beyond science). God’s divine prescriptions and timeless truths will transform, comfort, sustain, and heal. Readers will learn to confront their fear, anxiety, and depression with supernatural resources and develop a healthier lifestyle full of blessings and peace.

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Product #: 705531

Catalogue: Books to encourage and Inspire e-store

Date Published: 04 Feb 2020

ISBN-10: 1629996815

ISBN-13: 9781629996813

Publisher: Siloam

Subjects: Books - Health, Exercise & Diet / Books - Science & Faith

Category: Books - Christian Living

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