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Godspeed: Making Christ's Mission Your Own

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Have you ever felt like there’s a higher calling for your life? Something more than the mundane weekly routine of work, eat, sleep, play, and church? In Godspeed, Britt Merrick challenges us to step out of our little, self-centered lives and step into God’s grand mission—His plan to restore, redeem, and renew the world.
Your heart has been aching for something more, and this is it. Join His mission and change the world.

Author Information

Britt Merrick is the founding pastor of Reality, a family of churches with locations in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Stockton, Boston, and London, England. He is the author of Big God and is the pastor for Preaching and Vision at Reality Santa Barbara. Britt lives and surfs in the area with his wife, Kate, and their two children, Isaiah and Daisy.
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Product #: 604295

Catalogue: 2019 Warehouse Clearance Sale

Date Published: 01 Jun 2012

ISBN-10: 0781407540

ISBN-13: 9780781407540

Publisher: David C Cook

Subjects: Books - Christian Living (General)

Category: Books - Christian Living

Size: 21.0 x 14.0 cm