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Guidance And The Voice Of God

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Most of us spend at least some part of every day wondering what is God's will for our life, and the tendency is to treat that question like some sort of cosmic game-God sending us the clues and we trying to figure out what they all mean and piece them together into a recognizable pattern. Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne, in their book Guidance and the Voice of God, set out to show us that to approach life and decisions in that way is a most confusing way to live our lives, and in fact not at all worthy of a people who claim to serve a God who speaks clearly and forcefully into the world. Live your life according to the divine will that has been revealed to you, and trust God to be working "behind the scenes" for your ultimate good.

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Product #: 376465

Catalogue: 2018 Australian Authors eStore

Date Published: 01 Nov 2007

ISBN-10: 1875245669

Publisher Code: gvog

Publisher: Matthias Media

Series: Guidebooks for Life

Subjects: Books - Christian Living (General)

Category: Books - Australian Authors