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How to Get Along With Difficult People

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Do you work with Bob Bossy?
Are your best friends Gloria Gossip and Gilda Guilt?
Could your son be larry lazy?
Is your church full of Sally Spirituals and Joyce Judgins?

With difficult people like this in your life, you need to know how to get along with them! Stop throwing up your hands in frustration when you encounter friends or coworkers who are stubborn, aloof or poor communicators. And start embracing their good points as you discover how to get along with all kinds of challenging personality types.

Drawing from the experiences of the apostle Paul and her own encounters with difficult people, Florence Littauer offers warm-hearted encouragement and practical advice to help you smooth out and enhance your thorny relationships. You'll love her stories and insights as well as the "Parade of the Pious Personalitites' a delightful skit that can be put on for your church, office, or any group of varied personalities that works together. Along the way, you'll help your friends or family members see themselves as other see them, learn how to respond to trying situations, and become more aware of how you affect the people in your life.

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Date Published: 01 Jul 2018

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

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