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If I Were God, I'd End All The Pain

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A child catches a rare brain virus and is affected for life.
A father dies in a plane crash.
A dictator murders millions.

Why doesn't God do something about things like this? Why does he allow them to happen? In fact, can we still believe in God in the face of all the suffering and pain in the world?

In the first of a new series of short books, John Dickson looks honestly at these questions, and provides some compelling answers. He looks briefly at the alternative explanations for suffering provided by Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Atheism, before turning to what the Bible itself says about God, justice and suffering.

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Product #: 509801

Catalogue: 2018 Australian Authors eStore

Date Published: 01 Nov 2010

ISBN-10: 1876326379

ISBN-13: 9781876326371

Publisher Code: iiwgp

Publisher: Matthias Media

Subjects: Books - Apologetics (Philosophical/Biblical Perspectives) / Books - Australian Author

Category: Books - Australian Authors