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Intended for Evil: A Survivor's Story of Love, Faith, and Courage in the Cambodian Killing Fields

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Pages: 336
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The gripping true story of a young man who loses most of his family in the the mind-numbing brutality of the 1975 Cambodian genocide, but clings to hope amidst despair. He eventually escapes to the United States, later to return and share his faith.

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A True Story of Surviving Genocide and Forging a New Life

When the Khmer Rouge took Phnom Penh in 1975, new Christian Radha Manickam and his family were among two million people driven out of the city. Over the next four years, 1.7 million people--including most of Radha's family--would perish due to starvation, disease, and horrifying violence. His new faith severely tested, Radha is forced by the communist regime to marry a woman he doesn't know. But through God's providence, he discovers that his new wife is also a Christian. Together they find the courage and hope to survive and eventually make a daring escape to the US, where they raise five children and begin a life-changing ministry to the Khmer people in exile in the US and back home in Cambodia.

This moving true story of survival against all odds shows readers that out of war, fear, despair, and betrayal, God can bring hope, faith, courage, restoration--and even romance.

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Date Published: 18 Oct 2016

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Publisher: Baker Book House

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