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Interpreting The Book Of Revelation (SPIRAL)
Spiral Bound

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Pages: 203
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In this companion volume to Interpreting the Scriptures, Kevin Conner describes the fundamental principles for unlocking the mysteries of the Book of Revelation. Not an exposition in itself, the text purposely avoids eschatological controversy by focussing on teaching the reader how to apply proper hermeneutical principles. Because hermeneutics is both a science of knowing the rules and an art of application, the reader is given relevant principles of interpretation, then challenged to accurately apply them. Self study assignments are provided to assist in this learning process.

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Product Details

Product #: 535104

Catalogue: 2020 Kevin Conner Catalogue

Date Published: 01 Mar 2006

ISBN-10: 0949829285

UPC: 9780949829283

Publisher Code: IBR

Publisher: KJC Publications C

Subjects: Books - Eschatology/Revelation / Academic Theology - New Testament

Category: Academic - Theology

Size: 183x243mm