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Light, Salt and The World of Business

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This booklet is for business students, and for anyone in a business of any kind, or serving in politics. It will give new insights, however many years of experience you have.

It concludes with questions for personal reflection and action. You could use these questions yourself or with others. To our knowledge there is nothing else on the market which does the same job.

When the Apostle Paul was in prison, he could easily have called on a rich Christian to pay the Roman Governor Felix a bribe to let him out. Felix knew he had done nothing wrong, but kept him in jail in the hope that Paul would offer him such a bribe (Acts 24:26). This example of the need to operate honestly as God's people is striking.

Bribery and corruption are often found in politics - and we could all quickly list examples from the West as from Africa and Asia. On pages 10-11 you read the story of Jerry Gana, a senior Christian politician who has served under four Nigerian Presidents - both Christian and Islamic. How has he managed to do so with Christian integrity? There are stories, too, of Christian graduates in South and East Asia who chose very costly paths. Situations were looking bleak and they did not know where to turn. One had received threats to his family. What did they do?

If the system in which we work has corruption built into it, practicing Christian standards can indeed be very costly. Fred Catherwood is clear about this; he is a realist. But he is a realist with a big dream.

The world's attention would be drawn, he says, if a huge surge of Christians refused to operate dishonestly. There is no question in Fred Catherwood's mind that honest practice makes for the most profitable business and he knows. He speaks from deep experience in industry and in politics.

If it is simply impossible to operate honestly in your corporation, because of the system, then what about joining with other Christians and starting your own business? The internet has made it possible to begin with little capital. You could import from Christians in other parts of the world, opening up their market for them. Similarly, you could export to Christian companies.

There are huge networks of Christian graduates, and there are ways of meeting them and discussing possible future plans.

This booklet finishes with stories of Christian students in Europe and in Rwanda who have launched out with big Christian dreams. They want to operate honestly themselves, and to demonstrate to their nations that it works to do so. Their businesses have flourished. Is that surprising?

Buy this and talk about it with friends - Christians and those who are not Christians. You will find excellent grist for good and constructive debate.

Paul Batchelor (Transparency International) writes: 'We have a duty to stand firm against corruption and its corrosive impact on God's world and God's people. It undermines economic development, distorts fair decision-making, and destroys social cohesion. Here we have the biblical basis for resisting corruption and practical advice on what each of us can do to combat it. I hope it will prompt and stir discussion and action right around the world.'

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Focusses entirely on bribery
Reviewed by Anil on 20 June 2012  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
I bought this book expecting that, as suggested by the title, it would be looking at the Christian in business in general. I found that it focusses entirely on bribery. The very general title is a bit misleading. That aside the booklet provides a great overview of the Christian foundation for ethical business in the Bible and how it's worked out in history. The booklet calls for Christians world wide, and the primary focus seems to be Universities and young graduates, to work together and form business relationships to build ethical practice in the various countries that need it most.
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