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Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage

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The author has sincerely sought to uphold the Law of God to Moses about marriage, yet on the matter of divorce and remarriage uphold Grace and Truth of Jesus. Jesus did not contradict Moses. Grace does not contradict Law. Grace and Truth include and go beyond Law. If the readers of this book come to a clearer understanding of these controversial subjects, and keep the author's intention in mind, as well as come to understand more clearly the delicate balance between 'the Law given by Moses' and the 'grace and truth that came by Jesus', the book will have served its purpose.

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Product #: 363600

Catalogue: 2020 Kevin Conner Catalogue

Date Published: 01 Apr 2001

ISBN-10: 9949829366

Publisher Code: MDR

Publisher: KJC Publications C

Subjects: Books - Marriage / Books - Divorce / Books - Love, Sex & Marriage

Category: Books - Relationships

Size: 162x237mm