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Music Mania Sampler
Compact Disc

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Sampler CD featuring 12 songs from 12 of your favorite artists including Francesca Battistelli, Chris August, Point Of Grace and more.

Track Listing

Track Title Composer
1Live Like That
2Starting Line
3He Said
4This Is The Stuff
5Center Of It
6Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)
7Start With Me
8Love Come To Life
9A Thousand Little Things
10Yours Forever
11God Is Able
12Never Beyond Repair
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Product Details

Product #: 631955

Catalogue: 2020 Warehouse Clearance Sale

Date Published: 12 Mar 2013

UPC: 080688872724

Publisher Code: 888727

Publisher: Curb Records

Series: Music Mania

Subjects: Music - Contemporary Pop

Category: Music - Contemporary Music