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Pages: 192
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Deciding what you believe can be hard, especially when you’re not entirely sure what your faith is even all about. My Faith works as a reference guide to break down who God is, what the Bible says and why we believe it, how to handle doubts and questions, and what it actually means to be a Christian. With over seventy short chapters that cover twelve major topics, you’ll find honesty, understanding, advice, and wisdom to help you navigate your questions and make a decision on your own.

Middle school comes with a lot of challenges, and one of the biggest can be figuring out what you believe—and why. After all, being a Christian is hard sometimes, and it’s even harder when you suddenly have questions and doubts you never had before. Thankfully, this book has answers on things like why God wants a relationship with us, what the Bible actually tells us (and exactly why people believe what it says), what to do when you have those doubts or make a “mistake,” and what exactly being a Christian means for your life. There are also some tips and ideas on finding your own connection with God and applying what you personally believe to your life—helping you navigate middle school more confidently.

My Faith:

  • is written by two youth specialists with over forty combined years of experience dealing with the issues today’s preteens and young adults face every day
  • contains stories from the authors that add honesty—and where appropriate, humor—to the topics being discussed
  • can be used as a reference guide on specific topics or read straight through for a wider experience
  • provides a biblical yet candid approach
  • is also ideal for anyone dealing with teenagers in a mentoring, teaching, or leadership environment

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Date Published: 28 Nov 2006

ISBN-10: 031027382X

ISBN-13: 9780310273820

UPC: 025986273828

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House

Series: Middle School Survival Series

Subjects: Books - Youth (12-18 Year Olds) / Children - Devotionals

Category: Ministry/Church - Youth Ministry

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