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Pages: 208
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Families can be complicated, and this reference guide is here to help you get through whatever issue you might face—from frustrations with your parents to what to do if your family is breaking apart from divorce, or even if there’s been abuse in your home. With seventy-five short chapters that cover almost twenty major topics, there’s plenty of understanding, advice, and wisdom to help you navigate issues with your family AND strengthen the bonds that matter most.

Middle school is tough, and figuring out who you are during this time can sometimes mean more issues with your family members—from not feeling understood to wondering why you can’t have a little more freedom and trust now that you’re not a little kid anymore. And maybe your family itself is changing in ways you never thought could happen. In this book, everything from dealing with small frustrations to dating, getting more privacy, handling issues with siblings, and what to do when a parent lets you down or even hurts you physically is discussed and explored, giving you advice and ideas on how to navigate the issues in your family today.

My Family:

  • is written by two youth specialists with over forty combined years of experience dealing with the issues today’s preteens and young adults face every day
  • contains stories from the authors that add honesty—and where appropriate, humor—to the topics being discussed
  • can be used as a reference guide on specific topics or read straight through for a wider experience
  • provides a biblical yet candid approach
  • is also ideal for anyone dealing with teenagers in a mentoring, teaching, or leadership environment

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Product #: 613816

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 23 Aug 2009

ISBN-10: 0310863147

ISBN-13: 9780310863144

UPC: 025986863142

Publisher: Zondervan Ebooks

Series: Middle School Survival Series

Subjects: Children - Devotionals

Category: Books - Children

Weight: 453 gr