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NLT Abundant Life New Testament

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Pages: 272

The Abundant Life Bible offers readers insights about living the abundant life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Topics such as joy, peace, dealing with life’s tough issues, and more offer practical guidance for daily life. The Abundant Life Bible is value priced—perfect for gift giving.

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New Testament Bible NLT
Reviewed by Richard on 27 December 2010  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
This is a very good Bible to give to friends and loved ones. The title Abundant Life will be appealing to those that perhaps never would read the Bible. There are some great introductions to read, The Life you always wanted, Choosing Joy and finding peace, Great stories and Great chapters of the New Testament. A topic on how to know Jesus personally. Life changing to those that recieve and accept the Good News of Jesus
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Product #: 530866

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 12 Aug 2004

ISBN-10: 1414301758

ISBN-13: 9781414301754

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Subjects: Bibles - New Living Translation / Text / Bibles - NLT (New Living Translation)

Category: Bibles - Text, Pew Gift & Award

Weight: 186 g

Size: 18.7 x 12.7 cm