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Even as modern medicine continues to bring great gains in life expectancy and a wider variety of treatment options, many have declared that the American health-care system is "in crisis." Politicians debate the government's role while families worry about access to care, choosing a doctor, unethical scams, and skyrocketing costs. For many people the information and decisions are overwhelming.

Dr. Steven Brown writes about these issues as the kind of doctor we all hope to find--a trustworthy medical insider not afraid to share the good and the bad of the health-care profession to help patients learn how to evaluate doctors, treatments, alternative medicine, and conflicting "expert" advice. He relates stories from his own practice, shares his Christian perspective on wellness and ethical issues, and gives practical advice to help readers make intelligent decisions about health care for themselves and their families. As debates about health care heat up and conflicting messages abound, readers will be grateful for this clear, accessible guide.

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Consumers are bombarded with competing health-care suggestions. Too often, decisions are made from emotions, peer pressure, or marketing, rather than through careful investigation. Steven L. Brown guides readers through issues impacting medical choices, weaving a Christian worldview throughout his approach. Beginning with the positive and negative attributes of medical doctors, Brown examines principles of practice and the effect bias can have on a physician's recommendations. The author also gives readers tools to navigate the world of alternative medicine and work through the emotional impact of illness. A section of frequently asked questions rounds out an insider's view of some of the critical health-care issues of our time.

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