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New International Encyclopedia Of Bible Difficulties (Based on the NIV and NASB)

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Did God approve of Rahab’s lie?Why are many of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament not literal?Does the Bible class abortion with murder?Where did Adam and Eve’s sons get their wives?Does 1 Corinthians 7:10–16 authorize divorce for desertion?What do you make of the difficult areas in the Bible—those puzzling passages that make you stop and scratch your head? The seeming contradictions and inconsistencies of Scripture actually have sound explanations. But unless you’re a Bible scholar, you probably don’t know about them.That’s why you need the New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties. It gives you informed answers to your most troublesome questions. Some of the solutions seem obvious—after you’ve read them. But most include an eye-opening look at linguistic, cultural, numerical, relational, and other considerations of which most Bible readers are unaware.Referencing both the New International Version and the New American Standard Bible, this helpful resource makes scholarly insights accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a student, pastor, everyday Bible-lover, or even a skeptic, the New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties will show you why the Bible is believable and dependable, with a message you can live by.Zondervan’s Understand the Bible Reference SeriesThis six-volume series supplies users of today’s most popular modern Bible translation, the New International Version, with scholarly, economical, and uncompromisingly evangelical study tools. It includes the New International Bible Commentary, New International Bible Dictionary, New International Bible Concordance, and New International Encyclopedia of Bible Words, New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, and the New International Encyclopedia of Bible Characters.

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Date Published: 24 Jul 2001

ISBN-10: 0310241464

ISBN-13: 9780310241461

UPC: 025986241469

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House

Series: Zondervan Guide to Cults & Religions Movements

Subjects: Academic - Greek Language Texts / Academic - Multi-Volume Sets / Academic - Hebrew Language Texts / Academic - Language Tools

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