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Pages: 94
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There is no success without a sucessor and Christianity is always one generation away from extinction. These two sobering facts highlight the urgent need for successful leadership transition in today's churches and ministries. City Life Church (formerly Waverley Christian Fellowship) is a church that has successfully navigated three leadership transition in its forty year history. In this informative and practical book, Mark Conner, the current Senior Minister, shares vital principles and lesson to help you to be more effective with any leadership transition.

Author Information

 Mark Conner
Mark Conner has been involved in church leadership for over three decades. He is a gifted leader, author and speaker who brings a wealth of wisdom and life experience to whatever he engages in. Having transitioned out of the role of Senior Minister at CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia, in early 2017, Mark is now giving himself to training, writing and coaching others toward greater fruitfulness. Mark has a genuine love for people and a passion to help them grow and change. He has a Masters of Arts degree in Theology from Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Mark is married to Nicole and they have three adult children.
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Product #: 586413

Catalogue: 2018 Australian Authors eStore

Date Published: 01 Sep 2010

ISBN-13: 9780975701058

Publisher: Conner Ministries Inc (FS)

Subjects: Books - Church & Ministry / Books - Leadership

Category: Books - Leadership & Management