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Preaching That Speaks to Women
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Invites preachers to consider how gender affects the way sermons are understood and calls them to preaching that relates to the entire congregation.

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In most twenty-first century congregations, women outnumber men by as much as fifty percent or more. Unfortunately, masculine anecdotes and a lack of understanding of the different ways women and men listen, learn, and perceive ideas of leadership and power leave many women feeling detached from the messages conveyed from the pulpit.
How can a pastor effectively minister to both men and women? How do the ways in which women understand sermons differ from those of men? Preaching That Speaks to Women invites preachers to consider how gender affects the way sermons are understood and calls them to preaching that relates to the entire congregation.
Drawing from her experience as a teacher of ministry students, as well as her experience as a missionary, conference speaker, and radio Bible teacher, Alice Mathews explores both the myths and legitimate boundaries for speaking about women as listeners. She considers the ways women think about themselves, make ethical decisions, handle stress, learn, and view leadership and power and applies the results to the task of preaching. Mathews advocates effective preaching that does not ignore women or merely typecast women in narrowly defined roles.


1. Is It True That Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus?
2. Preaching for Moral Decision-Making
3. Preaching for Psychological Wholeness
4. How Do We Know What We Know?
5. Modern and Postmodern Listeners
6. Women, Spirituality, and Issues of Faith
7. Women and Issues of Power
8. Leadership with a Difference
9. Women, Roles, and a Biblical Identity
10. Understanding Women as Listeners

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Product #: 619916

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 May 2003

ISBN-10: 144120640X

ISBN-13: 9781441206404

Publisher: Baker Academic

Subjects: Books - Christian Living / Books - Preaching

Category: Ministry/Church - Adult Resources