Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness

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In 10 easy steps, learn how to rid your home of destructive objects and spiritual darkness to create a fortress of love and light for your family. Too many Christians are completely unaware of how the enemy has gained access to their homes through what they own.  This practical, easy to read book shows you how to pray through your home and property in order to lock out evil and experience a richer spiritual life. With Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, you are just 10 steps away from bringing freedom and security in Christ to your home! Includes the following sections and more: A Step-by-Step Guide to Praying Through Your Home; Understanding Spiritual Darkness; How to Protect Your Children; Learning to Overthrow Generational Curses.

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Product #: 534522

Status: Out of Print

Date Published: 22 Sep 2004

ISBN-10: 0830736379

ISBN-13: 9780830736379

Publisher: Regal Books

Subjects: Books - Prayer / Books - Spiritual Warfare

Category: Books - Christian Living

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