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Pure Sex

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Quick Overview
This perceptive book looks at how the 'sexual revolution' came about, why it failed us, and the consequences it brought to our society. The authors then propose another way to think about our sexuality.

Sex—pure, unadulterated and free. Stripped of all the guilt and restrictions of a bygone age. Liberated from the boring claustrophobia of marriage. At last, the freedom to express your own sexuality in whatever way you choose.

Such was the promise of the sexual revolution that swept the Western world in the 1960s and 70s. It didn't deliver. More than 30 years on, we find ourselves not in a sexual utopia, but in a sexual war zone, with broken relationships, hurt, guilt, and confusion on all sides.

Could it be that there is another way, that actually makes sense of our sexuality, and allows us to express and enjoy it? This book suggests that there is, and that it can be found in a most surprising place—n the ancient teachings of the Christian Bible.

Pure Sex is a book for all who are curious, confused, dissatisfied, hurt or struggling with sexuality, and who want some answers.


1. The queer, the unhappy and the irrelevant
2. The search for nudity
3. A brief history of sex
4. The heart has its reasons
5. A failed revolution
6. The way we were
7. Pure sex
Appendix 1: Homosexuality and pure sex
Appendix 2: Two ways to live

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Product Details

Product #: 374830

Catalogue: 2018 Australian Authors eStore

Date Published: 01 Sep 1998

ISBN-10: 1876326077

Publisher Code: ps

Publisher: Matthias Media

Subjects: Books - Sex Education and Sexuality Issues

Category: Books - Australian Authors