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Read and Share Devotional: 52 Bible Stories and Activities

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This perfect companion to the Read and Share Bible® helps parents teach their young children about God’s Word!

With 52 Bible stories and fun activities, this book provides easy access to age-appropriate topics, prayers, Bible stories, and activities that encourage sharing God’s love with others. Stories emphasize such topics as helpfulness, forgiveness, love, and fear. It’s perfect for young families who are looking for tools to help them teach their children about God’s love and who want to make the most of the times they spend together.

Each devotional contains a variety of topic introductions (ranging from songs and poems to recipes and stories), a Bible verse (short enough for a child to memorize), a Bible story, Let's Talk About It questions, a Share God’s Love activity, a prayer, plus engaging four-color art.

(Formerly titled Our Together-Time Bible.)

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Product #: 588442

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 06 Jul 2011

ISBN-10: 1400317177

ISBN-13: 9781400317172

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

Subjects: Children - Devotionals

Category: Books - Devotional

Weight: 630 gr

Size: 213 x 181 mm