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Perhaps a greater tragedy than a broken dream is a life forever defined by it.” – Sheridan Voysey

Your dream might be over, but your life isn’t. Embrace your broken dream as a chance for a new beginning and see how a “Resurrection Year” can restore your soul. 

Voysey chronicles their return to life. From the streets of Rome to the Basilicas of Paris, from the Alps of Switzerland to their new home in Oxford, they begin the healing process while wrestling with their doubts about God’s goodness. One part spiritual memoir and one part love story, Resurrection Year is an honest, heart-felt book about recovering from broken dreams and reconciling with a God who is sometimes silent but never absent. 

A hope-filled story about starting again after a dream has died?an emotive, poetic, and at times humorous discovery of the healing qualities of beauty, play, friendship, and love.

 “Some dreams come true, but others die a painful death. We can learn from both. In Resurrection Year, Sheridan Voysey writes from experience–there is life after the death of a dream. Your dream may be different, but the road to resurrection will be similar. I highly recommend it.” - Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages

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Radio identity's private story: Hope after pain
Reviewed by Clare77 on 28 May 2013  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
Sheridan Voysey was a successful radio broadcaster with a loyal following across Australia, when in 2011, at the peak of his career, he suddenly quit and disappeared overseas. In Resurrection Year, Voysey reveals that he and his wife Merryn had concluded a devastating ten-year battle with infertility. Their dream of bearing a child dashed, the pair had left all they know pursue his wife's "consolation prize"- an international working adventure. This compelling book follows the couple's journey from ruined hope to new horizons. It takes us deep into the heart of their private lives - from the bedroom, to the boardroom, to the doctor's surgery, to emotion-charged prayer meetings. We read of their medical battles, their fears, identity struggles, and spiritual questioning: Is God good? Mean? Silent? Why don't fairytales come true? Refreshingly, though, this is no heavy-going treatise on pain and suffering. The writing is artistic, metaphoric, at times cinematic, and seasoned often with colour, fun, and Voysey's self-effacing comic wit - attributes that his radio fans would be familiar with. I had plenty of big laughs, in between my tears. And when the pair travel Europe in search of answers and restoration, it's as pretty as a picture book - as they slow down in Italy, seek answers in the Swiss Alps, get lost in the maze of Venice, lose themselves in Rome's ancient architecture, and revel in Oxford's rich history. Part memoir, part travel journal, part theology, part philosophy, and in all parts love-story, Resurrection Year is a beautiful, uplifting, and deeply thoughtful work. It offers real, universal hope, for anyone who's faced disappointment. Which is most of us. Not a schmaltzy promise of fairytales coming true, but an assurance that, even after the most dead and shattered of dreams, God can bring wonderful, invigorating new life.
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Why I had to read the book.
Reviewed by Jill Samera on 31 May 2013  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart' Wordsworth. Sheridan Voysey does just this in his new book 'Resurrection Year'. Resurrection Year is a heartfelt account of a journey through disappointment with God. The longing for a child, and a reckoning of wills. This book should appeal to anyone who has ever had a broken heart or a dream so far unfulfilled. That is probably all of us. A much loved speaker, broadcaster and author, Sheridan gives us an intimate peek into his married life with Merryn, and their journey through their personal 'wilderness' experience. Sheridan and Merryn do not shy away from the difficult questions of life. They are not shy in approaching God with honesty and boldness. They are not shy in acknowledging disappointment. Sheridan and Merryn entered each stage of their journey God focused and together. They honored God and each other every step of the way. Sheridan's beautiful description of their painful attempts at IVF and the harrowing application process of adoption, only to be left disappointed at each turn was devastating. I don't know Sheridan personally, but during the time Sheridan was writing 'Resurrection Year', I often felt prompted to pray for him and his writing. I had not been told what he was writing about, yet I sensed it was heavy emotionally and that it may have had something to do with babies and reproduction. I knew it was God breathed, and I knew I had to read it. I also knew it would sting and challenge. That it did. As a birth parent who gave her first child for adoption, my emotions varied as I read through their journey and heard their thoughts. Perceived judgements pelted at my face like Sheridan's opening 'bullets' of rain. I felt the general rift between birth parent and adoptive parent widen. Candid, honest, innocent comments at times sat like stone in my belly. Thankfully, God has gifted Sheridan with humour, and it was interspersed throughout his book with precision. It was not long until I was laughing along with him at specimen jars and radio beginnings. When in chapter 7, Ryza, their sponsor child was brought into the picture and they met, my heart melted. Ryza called Merryn 'Mummy' and Sheridan 'Daddy'. As Sheridan described their love for her and their grief at having to leave her in the Philippines, I knew that Sheridan understood the pain of losing a child, of giving up a child. I wept with him, felt his heart, his loss, and his daddyhood. The 'infertile' seeker and the 'birth parent' became one. Joined in unity of heart, just as God planned. Unity of pain, of longing, of love, togetherness in suffering and an ultimate reliance on God. This is perhaps why I had to read the book. God challenged my misconceptions and hard heart through Sheridan and his honest, vulnerable account of his and Merryn's desires, struggles and grief. Life throws us stones at times. It's what we let God do with them that matters. There is both satisfaction and dissatisfaction at the end of this book. Not holding God to ransom for anything equals freedom and joy. Sheridan and Merryn have found this, yet their cry remains audible. Whilst God may seem silent on certain issues, I know He is not deaf! I can't help but hope for a sequel. What stands out to me in Resurrection Year is the strength of bond Sheridan and Merryn share. An unshakable love for one another and a desire to lift each other to God's heights and desires for their lives. This is something many couples dream for, but just can't quite grasp. There is a richness to their relationship that is enviable. The real beauty and strength of Resurrection Year is found in its vulnerability. Honor to you Sheridan and Merryn. You shine as God's children, broken and beautiful. God enjoys you. His dreams for you are huge.
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Finding God Amidst Broken Dreams
Reviewed by dandjcrank on 29 May 2013  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
Very rarely does one come across a book that touches their heart so deeply. In Resurrection Year, Sheridan Voysey writes about the extremely painful and personal issue of infertility. With incredible candour and honesty Sheridan invites the reader to journey alongside as he reveals the highs, lows, joys and disappointments of both realized and dashed hopes. From broken dreams there gradually emerges a beautiful revelation of the sovereignty of God. Interwoven through Sheridan and his beautiful wife Merryn’s journey, is another story of a rich and deep marriage relationship. Soul mates. Resurrection Year is one of those books that you can’t put down. As I read, I cried and laughed. When I came to the end I was left with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the blessings in my life and a conviction to surrender my – yet not realized - dreams to God. I highly recommend Resurrection Year!
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Wonderful Book
Reviewed by David on 28 May 2013  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
I had the opportunity to get a pre-release of Resurrection Year, what a wonderful book. It's very well written, and very easy to read, one of those books that are difficult to put down. It's written straight from the heart of 2 people desperately trying to achieve their dream, a dream that has been laid on the altar, a dream that's now been replaced with a new vision and vigour for what God will do. Sheridan and Merryn welcome you into their lives through each chapter, making you feel as if you are there with them right by their side, and where you will feel varying degrees of emotion as each page is turned. I very much recommend Resurrection Year, a book you could return to anytime for hope and encouragement.
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A must-read.
Reviewed by Patricia on 7 June 2013  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
Voysey has an absolute gift. This beautiful personal account is poetic, insightful, moving, life-giving. I feel like I've been given a tender, beautiful gift to treasure in my heart. Thank you, Sheridan, for having the boldness to share you and Merryn's journey with us.
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