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Rock-Solid Children's Ministry

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Pages: 208
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Discover the seven standards of a rock-solid children's ministry that reaches the hearts of the children in your care.

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How Do We Measure Success in Our Ministry to Kids?

In children's ministry, the essence of what we do is to impact the immeasurable--the heart of a child.

While Bible knowledge is highly valuable in this endeavor, knowing Scripture does not automatically translate to changing the heart of a child. Practical application is also desirable, but changing behavior can be done without a heart change. Relating Scripture in such a way that it meets a child where he or she is at is critical, but as an approach, it may fail to build a solid enough foundation to equip children for the challenges that they will face later in life. All three approaches must be synergized to have a greater impact, and all three must be retargeted at the "bull's eye"--the heart of a child. Read this book to discover the seven standards of a rock-solid children's ministry!

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Date Published: 28 Dec 2012

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Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

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