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Pages: 224
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Go beyond "just wait until you're married" and gain a radical new way of thinking about sex by getting to God's heart on this explosive subject.

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Young adults are fed up with our sex-saturated culture. They realize that there's more to sex than what the media feeds them, and they realize that there's more to responsibility that "just wait until you're married." Youth want to have God's perspective. Not only that, they want to show their peers there's a better way to relate to the opposite sex. It's time for a revolution. A 180-degree turn is underway.

Sex 180 is a guide to that revolution. It's more than a book that preaches abstinence before marriage. Sex 180 shows teens what's wrong with the way people talk and think about sex and challenges them to think differently. With solid biblical teaching, interactive sidebars, and real-life stories, teens, parents, and youth leaders will start to think about sex in a whole new way.

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Date Published: 01 Oct 2005

ISBN-10: 0801045290

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Publisher: Baker Book House - Print on Demand

Subjects: Children - Social Issues, Sex, Drugs, Pregancy, Dating / Children - General / Books - Relationships / Books - Sex Education and Sexuality Issues / Books - Youth (12-18 Year Olds)

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