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Simply The Bible

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The simplest way to get to know the world's bestselling book In three: 1 This book aims to give you a bitesize introduction to every book of the Bible (with a nibble-sized introduction to each book of the Apocrypha thrown in for free) 2. It covers what happens in each book, why it matters, and who takes the starring roles 3. So open up to find out a whole lot more about the most important book ever written! So, what is the Bible? It's a library. Or it's an anthology. Anyway, it's not just one book, it's a collection of many different kinds of books or writing, including history, poetry, stories, legal codes, proverbs and sayings, apocalyptic visionary descriptions, hymns, letters... It's a book full of books. And what's in it? Well, there are sixty-six books bound into one volume. These are grouped into two sections: The Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures (39 books) and The New Testament or Christian Scriptures (27 books). Some Bibles also feature a third section known as the Apocrypha. Indeed, the books in the Bible were compiled and written by many different people and across thousands of years. And this book will tell you the basics (and a bit more!) about each and every book.

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Product #: 633178

Status: Out of Print

Date Published: 01 Jun 2013

ISBN-10: 0745955231

ISBN-13: 9780745955230

Publisher: Lion Publishing FS

Subjects: Academic - Biblical/Bible Studies

Category: Academic - Reference

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Size: 190 x 150 mm