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Together Toby Mac, Tait and Kmax have made strong contributions to Christian music as dc talk. Now, the trio is showcasing their own unique styles with solo projects due out in late 2001. 'This is the first time we'll be able to pour ourselves into our art and do it our own way,' Toby Mac stated. As an introduction to these projects, dc talk Solo will feature two songs from each of the upcoming projects, and the concert favorite "Forty".

Track Listing

Track Title Composer
140 Live
3All You Got
4Return of The Singer
6Somebody's Watching
7Extreme Days
Author Information

DC Talk
Since releasing their album Jesus Freak, dc Talk has emerged as a leader in the pursuit of melding rock 'n' roll with provocative questions of faith.

Although various rock predecessors have examined spiritual issues-U2, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan immediately come to mind-dc Talk has taken the notion to new lengths, both in commercial terms and depth of artistic exploration. Numerous Dove Awards, three Grammy Awards, two platinum albums, one gold album, and two gold-certified long-form videos attest to the group's ability to bridge the gap between religious and secular audiences.

"We are very open about our Christian faith," says Toby McKeehan, "but when we make our records we want to create a musical experience that anyone can immerse themselves in. One of our goals is to encourage listeners to question themselves and to seek out truth."

Authoring the book Jesus Freaks is the newest venture in an ongoing growth process which began when the three members first met in the mid-1980s while attending college in Virginia. After relocating to Nashville, dc Talk released a series of increasingly ambitious-and successful-albums, beginning with their self-titled 1989 debut; followed by their gold-certified 1990 sophomore album Nu Thang; the platinum-certified 1992 opus Free at Last; 1995's Jesus Freak, a platinum-plus watershed which afforded the group more mainstream success than ever before; and 1998's Supernatural, which reflects the maturity and sophistication of their latest stage of development and growth.

Now, with Jesus Freaks, their first book, they launch into a new media form to challege readers to question their standards of faith and dedication. By giving these stories a platform from which to be heard, they hope to impact the world in a way they never have before.

Whether forging strong bonds with concert audiences, expressing their faith in the recording studio, or confronting readers with no-compromise stories of commitment, dc Talk strives to treat their audiences as equals rather than receptors. McKeehan says,"We want to create art that encourages people to think about the things we think about-spiritual issues and truth." Max adds, "Just as we all share the idea of caring and conscience, we also share the hunger to find truth and meaning in life."

With Jesus Freaks, dc Talk once again encourages each of us to set out on our journey to discover our response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their websites are: www.jesusfreaks.net and www.dctalk.com
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Date Published: 02 May 2001

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